truck-image.jpgAbout Cag Truck Capital

Since 1984, CAG Truck Capital has provided dealers with with instant financing solutions that enable dealers to deliver more trucks. CAG specializes in arranging financing for "high risk" deals including start-ups and "difficult credit" customers.  We will review any deal that cannot be financed elsewhere regardless of credit score - good or bad.

CAG Truck Capital is an equity and collateral based lender.  Our success is a result from years of listening to customers' stories and arranging creative financing solutions for truck dealers to deliver more trucks.


Partner With Cag

With CAG Truck Capital on your team, you are guaranteed to increase truck sales by offering fast and easy financing.  Our simple, same day loan process enables CAG to email or fax loan documents to immediately close your hot deal.  Since we offer same day
wire funding, there's no waiting for your money.