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Fill out complete application and sign. Our funding pros will get to work for you immediately upon receipt!

Where Did You Hear About CAG?

Have you talked to anyone at CAG previously?

If yes, who was your CAG representative?

What would you like to finance?

Transaction type:

Seller / Shop Name

Seller / Shop Phone

Seller / Shop Dealer Fax

Tell us about what you are purchasing

Vehicle Year

Vehicle Make

Vehicle Type


What is the cost?

How much money are you able to put down? (MINIMUM 20% CASH OR TRADE ): 


Your Company Information

Company Name:

Company Mailing Address:

Company Physical Address 

Company Equipment Location:

Company City:

Company State:

Company Zip:

Company Business Phone:

Your Home Phone:

Your Mobile Phone: (Required)

Other Phone Number:

Company Fax:

Your Email Address: (Required)

How many years have you been in business?

How many years experience in your field?

Business type:

Federal ID#:



CAB Card#:

Driver License #:

Will You Have Additional Drivers?

Additional Driver Driver License#:

Additional Driver License State:


Borrower Information

Your Name:

Your Address:

Your City:

Your State:

Your Zip:

Your County:

Your Phone#:

Your Social Security#:

Your Date of Birth:

Your Driver License#:

Are You Married?

Mortgage Information 

How Long At Current Address?:



Do You Rent or Own Your Home?

Do You:

Mortgage Company or Landlord Name:

Mortgage Company or Landlord Phone:

What Is The Value Of Your Home? (if you own your home)


What Is Your Mortgage Balance: (if you own your home)

Bank Accounts (for faster processing please provide 3 months bank statements)

 Your Bank Name:

What Are Your Monthly Payments?


Account Type:


Bank Phone#:


Secondary Account Payment Per Month:


Account Type:



Current Employment Information

Who Is Your Current Employer?

Current Employer City / State:

Current Employer Phone#:

Current Employer Contact Name:


How Long Have Your Worked Here?

What is your annual income from this job?

Future Employment Information

List Future Employment (if applicable)

Future Employment City / State:

Future Employment Phone:

Future Employment Contact Name:

Expected Income From Future Job:

Previous Employers

Please list past Employer:

Past Employer City / State:

Past Empoyer Phone:

Past Employer Contact Name:

How Long Did You Work At This Job?

What Was Your Annual Income?

General Business Questions

Will this be your:

How Many People Do You Currently Employ?

What Products Do You Haul?

Within What Radius Do You Haul?

How Much Will This Truck Earn For You?

If required, could any of your trucks be used for additional collateral?

If yes:

Additional Collateral Truck Year:

Additional Collateral Truck Make:

Additional Collateral Truck Model:

Additional Collateral Truck Type:

Suppose 2 months from now your engine blew, how would you come up with the necessary funds to pay for repairs?

Please List Your Current Truck Repair Facility Information:


Do You Still Owe Money On The Additional Collateral Truck?

Have any of the above individuals listed in any above section been involved in any bankruptcy proceedings either business or personal?

If Yes Please Explain:

Please Rate Your Mechanical Ability1 (1 being least experienced) To 5 (5 being most experienced) 

Present Trucks

Present Truck Year:

Present Truck Make:


Present Truck Model

If Payment Owed On Present Truck, Please List Bank:




Supplier references (places where you purchase supplies, tools, fuel, etc. for your business)


Supplier 1 Name:

Supplier 1 Phone#:

Your Account#:


Supplier 1 Contact Name:

Supplier  2 Company:

Supplier  2 Phone#:

Your Account Number:


Supplier  2 Contact Name:

Relatives (Please list two not living with the applicant) 

Relative #1 Name:

Relative #1 Address:

Relative #1 Phone#:


Relative #1 Relationship:

Relative #2 Name:

Relative #2 Address:

Relative #2 Phone#:


Relative #2 Relationship:


At CAG, we listen to the customer's whole story. Please tell us your credit story and please be as specific as possible.


Customers Authorization For Release:

The undersigned certifies that the above information given for credit purposes is true and correct. The undersigned also authorizes CAG Truck Capital and/or it’s associates any access to credit bureau or other investigation agency to investigate the references, statements or data listed in or accompanying this application as is necessary. The undersigned authorizes all parties contacted to release credit and financial information as part of said investigation. By signing below, I authorize CAG Truck Capital (“CAG”) to forward my contact information to CAG’s marketing partners, who may contact me regarding products and services that may be of interest to me in my business. I understand that I am under no obligation to purchase any such products or services and it will have no effect on the credit approval process. Such marketing partners are independent businesses and I agree that CAG shall have no liability for any products or services provided to me by such third parties.

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