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For more than 40 years, CAG Truck Capital has been one of the nation’s best dump truck financing companies. Unlike most banks and finance companies who occasionally finance a dump truck or two, we only finance trucks. We know trucks, truck drivers, and the special needs of the business. If you need a dump truck and you need it now, give CAG Truck Capital a call or simply apply online right now!

We finance dump trucks quickly and easily

  • We finance dump trucks of any make and model
  • We finance new or used dump trucks
  • Great Financing Rates For Great Credit!
  • Dump Truck Financing with bad credit, even bankruptcy!

If you have been turned down by other dump truck finance companies or are worried that you can’t get approved due to bad credit, we are here to help! CAG Truck Capital loans our own money, makes our own credit decisions, and most importantly, WE LISTEN TO YOUR STORY! We get deals done, even in cases of bankruptcy, challenged credit, tax liens, startups, and more. If you are in need of someone to provide you with Dump Truck Financing, CAG is the truck driver’s choice!

Finance Your Dump Truck Now
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