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Commercial Truck Financing

Providing easy truck financing for bad credit, great credit, and everything in between.


Truck Financing For Any Credit - Bad, Great and Everything In Between


Truck Financing For New or Startup Owner Operators


Truck Financing For Big Hood Trucks - Even Those With High Mileage

On-Staff Certified Diesel Technicians & Truck Experts to help guide you through the truck financing & purchase process.

When researching truck financing lenders, ask yourself “ Am I dealing with a “Jack of all trades” loan broker, or am I working with an experienced, reputable, and trusted advisor, who is also a direct specialized lender?” You’ll quickly be able to tell the difference.
CAG Truck Capital is the #1 Truck Financing and Engine Overhaul Finance Company in the country, recognized and recommended by Cummins, CAT, Paccar, Detroit, Mack, and Volvo Service Facilities throughout the United States. We even have on-staff certified diesel technicians and truck experts to help guide you through every step of the financing process. No one else can say that.
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Owner Operators – We Listen To Your Story

If you are a truck driver worried about getting that truck financing that you need because of bad credit, CAG Truck Capital can put your mind at ease and get you approved for a truck loan today! For over 40 years, CAG Truck Capital has been listening to the owner-operator’s story and saying yes when everyone else said no. No matter what your credit history, CAG Listens To Your Story and will work hard to get your financing approved for the truck you need quickly and easily. Challenged Credit, Bankruptcy, Start-Ups? We approve them all every day! 

If you are looking for simple truck financing with great to bad credit, CAG Truck Capital has provided truck financing for owner-operators for almost four decades. While other finance companies peddle all kinds of loans such as real estate, vacations, invoices, computers, supplies, machinery, etc., CAG has done one thing and one thing only for over 40 years – Simple Semi Truck Financing. Want to see how easy truck financing can be? Give us a call or fill out our simple online application today. We’ll get to work immediately to get you approved for the truck you need – fast!

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Providing Truck Financing For Bad Credit, Great Credit, and Everything In-Between

We're Not Brokers - We Loan Our Own Money

What that means to you is that we don’t have a canned, one size fits all, approval process that eliminates a lot of really good folks. If you are a good person that is tired of being rejected & disrespected by traditional bank or leasing companies, you now have friends at CAG. In fact, you have lots of them – just check out our testimonials. With our long history in the trucking business, we understand that it’s a tough job with all kinds of challenges, that banks simply don’t understand. CAG Gets Tough Truck Financing Deals Done.

We Do Engine Overhaul Financing Too!

What Our Customers Have To Say

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Have Truck Financing Questions?
No problem, that’s why we’re here.

What kind of trucks do you finance?

CAG Truck Capital provides easy truck financing for all types of over the road semi trucks, both sleeper or daycab. We can finance trucks sold through either private sales or through truck dealers nationwide. Whether you are looking to finance a Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, Mack, Freightliner or International, no one makes getting a truck loan easier than CAG!

Can you finance trucks with bad credit?

Yes! CAG specializes in truck financing with bad credit or challenged credit, even bankruptcy. No matter what your credit history, CAG is able to help when other finance companies can’t. We loan our own money and make our own credit decisions. Plus, we’ve been financing only trucks for over 30 years and know the specific needs and challenges of over the road owner-operators.

Can I get a truck loan with a tax lien?

Absolutely. CAG can help with truck financing, even with a current tax lien.

Do you report to credit agencies?

Yes, when you finance a truck with CAG, we report to the major credit agencies, which helps rebuild your credit. Over the more than 30 years that we’ve been in the truck financing business, CAG has helped thousands of owner-operators get their credit back on track.

Do you finance anything other than trucks?

Yes we do. We provide engine overhaul financing for work done at your choice of any certified engine repair/truck repair facility – nationwide.

Do you do truck financing for start-up trucking companies or new operators?

Absolutely, CAG Truck Capital specializes in truck financing for startup trucking businesses or for new owner-operators just getting into the trucking business. Are you a new trucker looking for truck financing for your trucking business? Check out our helpful tips for startup trucking businesses.

Do you provide truck financing for higher mileage trucks?

Absolutely, CAG Truck Capital specializes in truck financing for startup trucking businesses or for new owner-operators just getting into the trucking business. Are you a new trucker looking for truck financing for your trucking business? Check out our high mileage truck loans with built-in overhaul option.