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Truck Financing Customer Testimonials

REAL CAG Customer Testimonials

The following are dozens of actual testimonials from owner-operators sharing their truck financing or engine overhaul financing experience with CAG this year. If you are in need of truck financing or engine overhaul financing, give CAG Truck Capital a call and write your own success story!

Detroit Diesel Financing Testimonial - Savannah
September 25, 2019

Absolutely Phenomenal

W.W. Williams - Savannah, GA Detroit Diesel / 2 Yr - 200K Mi. Warranty Absolutely phenomenal. Hands down, from start to finish Marcus went above and beyond to help me out. This guy stayed on top of everything with my…
Cummins Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial from Norvell
September 25, 2019

Two Thumbs Up!

Cummins Sales & Service - St. Louis, MO Cummins Engine / 2 Yr Unlimited Warranty Thank you CAG for helping me in my time of need. As a small business owner it’s hard to keep things balanced, a truck is…
CAT Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial Begley
August 29, 2019

Brian and CAG Are Very Kind

TLG Peterbilt - Joplin, MO CAT C15 / 4 Yr Unlimited Warranty “Brian and CAG are very kind.  I didn’t know what to expect when we started this whole process, and everything worked out very painlessly.  The staff there at…
Detroit Diesel Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial Customer 7
August 29, 2019

CAG Goes Past Expectations

H&H Freightliner - Concord, NC Detroit 60 / 1 Year Warranty “CAG goes past expectations.  I’ve been working with them for a while now, and everyone there makes you feel welcome.  When I call them up and they answer the…
Detroit Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial from Lowery
August 29, 2019

CAG Didn’t Turn Me Down

Fitzgerald Peterbilt - Birmingham, AL Detroit 15 / 1 Year, 100k Mile Warranty “I had a real hard time when my truck went down.  I spoke with a lot of other financial companies and I saw numerous rejections.  No one…
Cummins Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial from Jerrod
June 25, 2019

I Keep Coming Back

Kwik Stop Auto  - Hayesville, NC Cummins ISX / No Warranty “Donna has always always always been great.  She is there to help when no one else would or could.  A few years ago I had two motors blow and…
CAT Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial from Denny
June 25, 2019

This Worked Out Really Well

Pete's Diesel - Salt Lake City, UT CAT 3406E / 4 Year unlimited Warranty “This worked out real well, I’m already telling other drivers that CAG can help you out of a blown motor.  You guys helped me get back…
Cummins Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial from Tim
May 29, 2019

Donna Did An Amazing Job

Cummins Sales and Service - Charlotte, NC Cummins ISX / 1 Year 100k Warranty “Donna did an amazing job, I really appreciate how stress less and quick everything went.  Donna was just tremendous, she really understood my situation and I…
Detroit Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial from Customer 7
May 13, 2019

They Always Take Care Of Me

Performance Diesel - Jackson, GA Detroit 60 / 1 Year Unlimited Warranty “I’ve been working with Donna and CAG for three years now, and they always took care of me.  They keep things simple, they understand drivers, and they work…
Cummins Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial from Chris
May 7, 2019

I Would Recommend CAG To Anyone

Larco Commercial Truck Repair - Bowling Green, KY Cummins ISX / 1 Year Parts Warranty “Great, awesome.  Bill is a lifesaver.  I would recommend CAG to any owner-operator for help with an engine rebuild.  The day I contacted Bill, we…
Cummins Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial form Customer Melissa
March 28, 2019

I Would Call CAG In An Instant

Performance Kenworth - Houston, TX Cummins ISX / 1 Year 100k Warranty “I would call CAG in an instant.  Ever since I started working with Brian I’ve been telling everyone I know about how excellent they are and how well…
Detroit Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial from PA
February 26, 2019

CAG Helped Me A Lot

WW Williams - Savannah, GA Detroit 60 / 1 Year Unlimited Warranty “CAG helped me a lot, Miss donna worked hard, and explained everything I needed to do to get my truck moving.  I appreciate everything that she did for…
CAT Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial from Robert
January 31, 2019

CAG Does A Hell of A Job

Martin's Peterbilt - Pikesville, KY CAT C-15 / 4 Year Unlimited Warranty “CAG does a hell of a job, without Rick I’d be screwed.  Nice guy, no complaints, quick and on the ball with everything.  They busted their asses getting…
January 31, 2019

Superb, Beyond Excellent

“Superb, beyond excellent.  Donna is full of knowledge, she talked me through everything and didn’t talk down to me at all.  Great people, great personality.  I didn’t know what to expect but the team at CAG was encouraging, they made…
Volvo Engine Overhaul Financing Testimonial from Allen
January 4, 2019

CAG Basically Saved Me

Bruckner Truck Sales - Commerce City, CO Volvo D13 / 3 Year 300k Warranty “CAG basically saved me.  Donna made everything very simple, she made it quick and she made it professional.  She did a lot to help me get…
December 19, 2018

Brian Is A Total Professional

“Brian is a total professional, he’s courteous treated me well and made everything simple, it was EASY.  I would recommend anyone to do business with you guys, I appreciate what you do.  – Anthony. O’Fallon MO”
November 28, 2018

CAG Was Very Helpful

“Thompson CAT told me to give CAG a call when I need an overhaul done on my truck.  CAG was very helpful, kept in constant contact and did their part to make everything a smooth process.  Everything was straight forward…
November 28, 2018

They Are Wonderful at CAG

“They are wonderful at CAG.  They made a difficult situation a whole lot better.  I am blessed to have found them. From the first day that I called them they made everything great.  They know trucks and I was impressed…
October 31, 2018

This Was Really Simple

“This was really simple, and it was great that CAG and Dave were willing to work with me.  They explained everything that I didn’t understand, kept me calm while my truck was getting fixed and they knew who to call…
September 25, 2018

I Can’t Complain

“The people at CAG literally worked their asses off for me.  They got everything I needed to me quickly, were flexible when I needed them to be and helped make sure my repair had a solid warranty behind it. I…
September 25, 2018

They’re Awesome People

“The first thing I thought when my truck went down was ‘what the hell am I going to do.’ The CAT shop told me to give CAG a call and I couldn’t be happier.  They’re awesome people and they got…
September 25, 2018

They Keep Their Word

“Even though I was a knucklehead at first, I got the opportunity to build a relationship with CAG.  I like dealing with them, and I’ve worked with them for 6 years.  They keep their word and if they say they’ll…
August 30, 2018

I Had A Great Experience

“I had a great experience working with CAG.  They walked me through every step of the process and took their time to explain everything that was happening.  They worked with the shop and made sure that everything was on schedule…
August 30, 2018

I Love CAG

“I love CAG.  I’ve been working with them for years now and I’ve never had anything other than a great experience.  The best thing about them is that every time you talk to them, they make you feel like you’re…
March 30, 2018

CAG Came To My Rescue

“CAG came to my rescue and because of them I’m out there making money again. I was stressed out the whole time but as soon as the ball started rolling I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.…
December 19, 2017

They Get You Done Fast

If I had to do it all over again, I would call CAG without hesitation.  They work hard, they’re easy to get a hold of and they’re prompt.  They get you done fast, and turn a bad situation into a…
December 5, 2017

I’m Very Grateful

I really want to thank CAG for helping me.  When my truck went down I didn’t think I had the credit to get a loan to pay for the repairs.  They took the time to work with me, explain everything…
November 20, 2017


“Great, EXCELLENT! I needed help getting my truck overhauled and the shop told me to try giving CAG a call.  They got me help and got me back on the road ASAP.  I would recommend CAG to anybody! – Frankie,…
September 15, 2017

CAG Did Wonders For Me

CAG did wonders for me, I was in a real spot when I needed to replace the engine in my truck.  They were more than there for me, they kept me moving forward and got my truck done.  I wouldn’t…
August 23, 2017

CAG Was A Life Saver

“I knew this was coming, just as I paid off my truck I knew an engine overhaul was on the horizon.  I started saving, and it happened way sooner than I thought.  I didn’t know what I would do or…
This has been the BEST experience. We have been customers for many years and they always come through for us when we need help with truck loan or to pay for a breakdown. Donna in particular has been so wonderful. We recommend CAG to all of our friends. This company judges you by your performance with their loan rather than your credit score. Life in trucking can be hard and they truly understand.
Jennifer Wasko
21:39 06 Dec 21
Love the way Marcus helped out to choose the best truck for my needs would highly recommend cag to everyone that’s looking to finance a truck.
Jesus Cardona
14:10 19 Nov 21
This is my third experience using CAG. These guys made the process of getting financing easy. Over the years I have refer several others to use them. As a matter of fact, I just forwarded there information to a new business owner and friend of mine a few moments ago. I look forward to many more years of doing business with them. Thanks guys for my financing.SincerelyML TolbertJKL XPRESS INC
marvin tolbert
19:02 18 Nov 21
Had a great experience with CAG truck capital Johnny and Marlena was very professional and help me every step of the way on getting approved, I have 8 years of experience in the trucking industry and I appreciate CAG truck Capital on giving me a chance and helping me to get my dream truck, thanks!”
17:41 13 Oct 21
HOA trucking llc I have used CAG 2 times each time I have had a great experience yea you pay a little more but they help me even in or time of need thank you all over there you help us make or company great still telling others abought your service .
Sharon Adkinson
13:32 17 Nov 20
Brian and Donna Really took care of me. My truck has never ran better The additional fuel mileage I am getting now more than makes up for the additional payment. Thanks again you guys are great!!!
Jeff Ulery
12:21 27 Apr 20
I had blown a cylinder resulting in having a complete rebuild done on my Volvo d13 engine and was pretty much stranded in NC. When I called cag they were nothing but friendly and professional. I thank all the people there. I recommend any driver in our time of trouble give them a call and I will keep them a part of my business from now on
Michael Cornell
10:32 01 Apr 20
I have been working with Mike and Bill at CAG for sometime now on getting my truck. I will say that this company, with Mike and their crew at the helm is by far the best company I've ever dealt with hands down. They go above and beyond to help get you into a truck with no worries. I've been so amazed with their compassion to my issues out the gate. These are people of a big company but in the end I've made two great friends along the way. No matter what lies ahead good or bad, I will say I thought integrity was a thing of the past, but after dealing with Mike at CAG I can safely say that this company has integrity. So with that being said, I would strongly recommend CAG as your first choice for your truck needs. Just can't say enough about how awesome this company is. So, I would definitely say this company is the best hands down! Thank you!
Aaron Loney
04:37 03 Feb 20
These five stars are for Lindsay Combs and her alone. If they want to improve their customer relations and overall perception of the company, then she needs to be front and center. She has single handedly taken care of a simple issue her colleagues turned into a complex headache. If they were smart, she would have an increased role!
Gerrad Mitchell
20:35 25 Oct 19
CAG Truck Capital has been a pleasure to work with. When it came time to overhaul one of our trucks I didn’t have the cash to put out for complete overhaul. I called Bill he took care of what we needed and we were able to get that truck back to making money. It was a simple process on our end because Bill took care of it for us. I would highly recommend CAG for your next overhaul.
Thomas Shoemaker
11:45 13 Sep 19
Without the help of Cathy processing our loan for new motor in our 2015 Volvo we would have went out of business! They are an answered prayer! Would highly recommend to anyone!
priscilla bowlin
16:02 10 Sep 19
I’ve been doing business with Cag since 2012. I’ve always had great service and honesty from everyone in there staff. After financing two trucks and a trailer with them. I look forward to doing business for years to come.
kevin boggs
18:22 06 Sep 19
KATHY VANDERBAAK is the greatest female on 2 legs walking the grounds of CAG! She goes above and beyond the call of duty in every aspect yo insure SUPREME customer service! She deserves ALL accolades and promotions and raises that can be bestowed upon a human being! She is the greatest! Wonderful role model for the company and women all over the world! I LOVE YOU KATHY! YOU MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! AND I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!!!!
sslim Jacobs
16:18 06 Sep 19
I highly recommend CAG, they have been extremely wonderful to us!
Julie Miller
19:43 24 May 19
You guys are the BEST not once but twice you guys helped me. I was stuck few years ago you guys helped.last year has been the worst for us and our family as we had couple of deaths in the family and than our trailer floor kept getting messed up everything we made was going to repairs for the floor I still didn't give up but when our trailer floor totally gave up on us and we were told it will take a lot of money to repair the floor I was ready to give up but than I sent out email to you guys see if there is still hope. I will say thank god I sent out a email. Everyone I talk to or sent out an email to were very nice and friendly. I will definitely recommend you guys. Thank you Bill
Sarbjit Kaur
21:36 10 Jan 19
You guys are the BEST not once but twice you guys helped me. I was stuck few years ago you guys helped.last year has been the worst for us and our family as we had couple of deaths in the family and than our trailer floor kept getting messed up everything we made was going to repairs for the floor I still didn't give up but when our trailer floor totally gave up on us and we were told it will take a lot of money to repair the floor I was ready to give up but than I sent out email to you guys see if there is still hope. I will say thank god I sent out a email. Everyone I talk to or sent out an email to were very nice and friendly. I will definitely recommend you guys. Thank you Bill
Sarbjit Kaur
21:36 10 Jan 19
I love CAG!! I wouldn’t be as successful as i am today without them!
Ryan Roberson
18:03 25 Sep 18
I have financed 3 trucks so far with CAG Truck Capital and I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with them. Cathy V. has went above and beyond for me so many times I lost count. Her communication and professionalism is unmatched. You will not be disapointed with their services!
Keila Mozee
18:46 26 Jul 18
I contacted CAG to let them know that someone had contacted me about truck financing claiming to be them. Not only were they very prompt about calling me back, with their attorney on the line, but also took great care to assure and advise me. I may have been scammed previous but it is quite assuring knowing that CAG takes their business and my security seriously.
Jami Boudinot
15:06 25 Jul 18
Awesome effort by Donna and her team to get me back up and running.CAG really came through for me at a difficult time. Not only did they get me back up, they were able to significantly reduce my monthly payments, Highly recommend .Thank you CAG Truck Capital. And special thanks to Donna for going above and beyond. Greatly appreciated. Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz
16:20 22 Apr 18
Hi My name is Andre first I would like to say this is not a paid feedback.I’m 33 years old been an owner operator for the past nine years.CAG helped me finance my 1st equipment when no one else would help.Even when my truck went down they helped me get back on track.I truly appreciate everything they did for me that helped my company to grow into what we are today I now have good credit thanks to them reporting my truck payments and (again)HELPING me get through my hiccups.CAG doesn’t ask for a lot they understand thebusiness .Once you make your payments- even if you Find yourself in a jam all you have to do is communicate.Communication is the key !!!!!! I hope other owner ops can benefit from CAG as I did Thank you CAG Truck Capital
K&a Logistics
01:02 23 Feb 18
When we needed our small fleet to grow and no one would give us a chance CAG was there to take us on from the very beginning. They were courteous, hard working, quick and thorough through the whole process. It was great to finally have someone on the same team as us. Also when one of our trucks broke down and needed some time to catch up on a payment, Donna Dunlap was there to save the day. She was there every step to insure we were comfortable to move on with payments after such a big loss. We were back on our feet in no time, with the help of CAG. Not only are they a great financing company but they also understand the real world and sometimes companies just Need a little help. thanks again CAG!!
Rachel Rivard
14:07 23 Jan 18
CAG Truck Capital has been a life saver for me. They're a financial company that really understands and respect the trucking industry. When my engine needed overhauled GAG stepped up to the plate with no hesitation, like we were family. While others treated me like I were a bad guy as a trucker. CAG also gave me a great interest rate when they clearly could have took advantage. CAG also helped me out some time later when my differential and some other maintenance issues happened at same time, same week of me losing my grandmother. CAG got me funds quickly, to where I got repaired, got load delivered and got home same morning as funeral. Thanks CAG
Abdul James
16:38 09 Jan 18