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Stop having jobs towed to another shop. We provide engine overhaul financing for Certified Repair Facilities!

Whether you are a certified repair facility or an owner-operator, CAG Truck Capital provides quick and easy truck engine overhaul financing solutions. If you are a repair shop losing big-ticket repairs due to customers’ lack of cash or an owner-operator needing to get your truck back on the road, GIVE US A CALL TODAY – WE CAN HELP!

Dealers & Shop Managers – We can help your bottom line!

Providing Engine Overhaul Financing For Certified Repair Shops

Helping truck service center customers obtain quick and simple financing for over 40 years.

  • No liability to your shop PERIOD
  • We pay you before the truck leaves your shop
  • We give written approval before you start the job
  • We WILL add to your bottom line with more overhauls
  • We have hundreds of references from certified shops like you to share with your boss.
  • We can even approve customers with open repair orders that haven’t paid you and you are holding their truck, making you the hero.
  • We do ALL the work….from application to wiring you payment…you just do the overhaul.

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