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Finance Your CAT, Cummins, or Paccar Engine Overhaul at any Dobbs Peterbilt location!

Is your CAT, Cummins, or Paccar truck engine is in need of an engine overhaul but you don’t have the cash? Don’t worry – Dobbs Peterbilt offers simple engine overhaul financing at any of their service centers nationwide!

CAG Truck Capital is proud to partner with Dobbs Peterbilt as the provider of easy CAT, Cummins, or Paccar Engine Overhaul Financing. For over 40 years, CAG Truck Capital has been providing CAT, Cummins, and Paccar engine owners with financing solutions that keep your truck on the road, making money. If you are having an Engine Overhaul performed at any Dobbs Peterbilt location, simply let your service advisor know that you want to finance the engine overhaul – Dobbs Peterbilt and CAG Truck Capital will do the rest. You’ll be back on the road FAST with a fully overhauled Detroit engine and Nationwide Warranty!

Get the engine overhaul you need NOW with Dobbs Peterbilt!