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Ryder Truck Engine Overhaul Financing

Turn that As-Is Ryder Truck into Overhauled With A Certified Engine Overhaul!

Ryder Truck Engine Overhaul Financing

We Finance Certified Engine Overhauls For Ryder Trucks Equipped With

Detroit • Cummins • CAT • Volvo

All with nationwide manufacturer’s warranty!

Great Ryder Used Trucks With Brand New Engine Overhaul!

If you are looking for a great semi-truck at a great price, it’s hard to beat the deals to be found with Ryder As-Is trucks.  The Ryder As-Is program offers sleeper and day cab tractors in need of engine work at absolutely unbeatable prices. CAG Truck Capital can finance the complete cost of a certified engine overhaul, making it incredibly simple to get a late model tractor, with a ZERO MILE OVERHAULED ENGINE WITH A NATIONWIDE MANUFACTURER WARRANTY, at a price you can actually afford. We work with ALL certified engine overhaul facilities and take care of the process for you from start to finish. We are able to finance engine overhauls for any type of credit, great to challenged.

Certified Truck Engine Overhauls Made EASY

  • PEACE OF MIND with a coast-to-coast warranty
  • INCREASES THE VALUE of your truck
  • FINANCING available for all credit levels
  • MONTHLY PAYMENTS that are affordable
  • Just Pick Out A Ryder Truck, We’ll Do The Rest!

The process is simple, just complete an online application on any device, even your smartphone. Our team knows trucks inside and out and are experts in the engine overhaul process. They will immediately begin working with you and your certified engine overhaul shop every step of the way to get your truck back on the road! Call us anytime at 800-932-2274 with any questions – we are here to help!

Ryder Used Trucks With CAG Engine Overhaul Financing - A Winning Combination!

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