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Engine Overhaul Financing

CAG Cummins Engine Overhauls Program

By November 29, 2021No Comments
Cummins Engine Overhauls With CAG

Cummins Engine Overhauls Promotion Featuring CAG Truck Capital!

Cummins Engine Overhauls

CAG Makes Cummins Engine Overhauls Simple

CAG Truck Capital was proud to be featured in a special Cummins Engine Overhaul Financing campaign seen nationwide!

For owner-operators with a Cummins engine needing an overhaul, it has never been easier to get the financing needed to get your Cummins engine overhauled and back on the road. Simply stop in any certified Cummins engine facility nationwide, and let your service advisor know that you want to finance the overhaul with CAG – we’ll take care of the rest!

PLUS, CAG Truck Capital is providing an instant credit of $500 for every Cummins Engine Overhaul financed with CAG.

Get your Cummins Engine Overhaul in the shop fast with special engine overhaul financing with CAG!

Get $500 / Apply Now!Get $500 / Apply Now!